Many plants have finished flowering now. The thistles, however, are at their peak of bloom many places at the moment. The thistles attract an enormous variety of insects, both those that are there to feed on nectar and those that are there to predate on the other insects.


Find yourself a meadow with plenty of thistles and enjoy the myriad of life. The best days are those warm, sunny days with just a little breeze. Take the time to inspect every little detail of the plants and animals on the meadow, lie down in the grass, and let time pass by. Send your children out with a magnifying glass and it’ll keep them occupied for hours. Make sure you enjoy it while it is there!


Hoverflies are just normal flies, but have a similar body colour and pattern to wasps and bees. This is called mimicry and gives the fly protection from their common predators as it sends out signals through its colouring that it is venomous like the wasp. It is nevertheless completely harmless.




Harvestman, out hunting other bugs.








Fire ants live in a mutualistic relationship with aphids. The ant strokes the aphid with its antennae and feed off the honeydew then excreted by the aphid. In return they protect them from predators.



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