Take your shoes off Productions

We do not make films or exhibitions for you to enjoy them and then continue your everyday life afterwards. We make films to inspire you to get up, go outside and explore. Reconnect with nature. Make changes in your life for a sustainable future. Challenge yourself. Explore the natural realm. Seek beauty, energy and peace of mind. Take care of nature. We believe that time spent in nature will change your perspective on life.

“Take your shoes off”, purred the ocean waves -Dr. Sun Wolf


Grethe Hillersøy

Grethe studied marine biology and natural resource management in Australia and Norway. After having worked several years as research assistant, wildlife guide and a nature interpreter she decided to go full-time with wildlife film making and nature interpretation through film and photo. She loves to combine biology and creativity in this way!


Tony Meyer

Tony has a very varied background, including work in the Swedish Search and Rescue Society, dive instructor, dive center manager, guide and boat driver at Orca safaris, wildlife host with wolves, Svalbard guide and dog sledge musher. Tony has worked as a professional photographer since 2001, and this is today his full-time occupation. Tony is the technical nerd in the company. Also check is own web page: www.tonymeyer.se.

What we do

We can provide footage on land, underwater and from the air, using our own equipment and experience. A longer show reel of our work will come soon! We specialize in making films and exhibitions about nature, sustainability and innovative thinking. We work on our own independent film projects, but also for other companies. Our clients may be organizations and companies that have similar visions as ours – exploring the natural realm, taking care of our surroundings and ourselves, and thinking in new ways for a more sustainable future. We believe that our combined backgrounds in biology, photography and filming make us a resourceful partner for a variety of such projects.

Contact us if you think that we could do some great work together!